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me from me.

I quite enjoy eating, but metaphorically, I crave more experience, work, and exposure. I strive to grow and improve and there’s always room to learn.


I’m up for all sorts of design projects but enjoy brand identity, publication and advertising design (if I had to design a brand, make a book about it, and then a campaign, that’s a dream project). In the design process, I’m eager for conceptual thinking and copywriting! (I tend to think a lot... and talk a lot when I get the chance.)


After graduating from The One Academy, Malaysia in 2018 (Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design), I graduated with First Class Honors from Birmingham City University, United Kingdom in 2020 (Bachelor's in Graphic Communication) where I was able to grow and adapt as a designer and expand my creative capabilities and skills.

In 2023, I completed my Master's in Graphic Design under Falmouth Flexible. Due to Covid-19, it proved tricky to study abroad physically, which is why I opted to study remotely. This challenged my self-management in time and discipline. The course pushed my creativity to explore my surroundings and produce work in my environment despite being a course purely online. It created opportunities for me to recognise the issues that resonated with me as a designer and a Malaysian.

[*apa khabar = how are you?]
[*Wǒ de zhōngwén bù hǎo =
my mandarin is not good]

icon-aboutme_icon-ps copy 6_icon-ps copy

In terms of experience that play a role in shaping my mindset and workflow, I worked as a creative designer for a digital marketing agency and as a server at a fish and chips restaurant. Two contrasting jobs allowed me to understand and grasp different job requirements and test my adaptability and patience. As for my language proficiency, English comes first (hello!) and Malay comes second (apa khabar?*). With the tiniest exception of Mandarin (Wǒ de zhōngwén bù hǎo).

Outside of design, I love reading and writing poetry. Yeah, more artsy stuff. Oh, I have a knack for painting and crafting and spending too much time bullet-journalling (mainly making to-do lists to cross them out). Yep, more and more artsy stuff. 

Well, that’s all about me. What about you? Let’s get in contact and make great stuff together!

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