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A grandmother's

story visualised.

It all started with ...


It was a quiet day in the city of Subang Jaya, Malaysia. The streets are usually idle, occasionally filled
with sounds of birds, dogs and possibly cats. As the day goes by, the world begins to wake along with
the hustle and bustle of the city.

qph-storypage-3-leaving house-min.jpg

The day begins for me as I get ready to leave. Reaching for my glasses because I can’t see too far
ahead without them. (All because at the age of seven, I thought sitting a foot away from the TV was
the wisest thing to do) Slinging on my bag and double-knotting my shoelaces.

I leave the place I call home, ready for the day ahead of me. Still unsure of what’s to come, I keep my
head up and my steps light. I’m not too sure where I’m headed, but I know there’s a place out there
where I belong. Something that I’m meant to do that will spark joy and purpose in my life.


Flush greenery and my surroundings are filled with nature that envelopes me. Hm... Maybe it’s going to
be something to do with plants? I do like them and find them calming, but... hm... I guess I’ll keep looking.
I continue to move forward.

qph-storypage-_ (spread)-min.jpg

If there’s one way for me to get a clearer picture, it would be to look at my surroundings. The world
is filled with different people with different things they have to offer to this earth. Everyone around
seemed to have something that brought out their purpose. A photographer with a camera, a singer
with a guitar, a chef with a grill. It made me think...

What was the something for me that would spark such passion like it does for others? What could be
my calling, something that I could call my own and hone my craft for years to come? There were a lot
of questions I had, but not too sure what the answers were.


In my moment of self-reflection, it became clear to me that this was something I had to figure out on
my own. I started analyzing what were the things I enjoyed doing, and could I see myself doing it for
many years to come? Would I swerve out of the lane and choose something completely different?
How would my future look?

I went on a journey of self-discovery. I looked for inspiration, I talked to people, I listened to stories from
others and took notes of their experience and what sparked joy for them, to conduct my own research
to what sparks joy for me. I became fascinated with the world, with myself, with what I was capable of
and what I wanted to offer.

qph-storypage-window scene-min.jpg

I got curious about a lot of things, inspired, marveled. The world was so big, and I, am small. There’s
so much for me to learn, so much left to explore - everything had a purpose, and I felt like the more I
explored, the more I wanted to create. I wanted to create, to design, to produce art. Marvelled by the
intricacy and aesthetic, as well as the purpose.

I wanted

to create.


I started collecting things to put in my toolkit of... my craft. Things that I figured would be worthwhile
to bring along for the ride of life. Things that I can’t objectify, but collect as experiences that built my
character and who I was. The world... has so much to offer. And I would like to do the same.


I’m proud to say I’m a designer, but not one with just a paintbrush. I believe that designers have more
in their toolkit, more to their senses than people realize. We strive to be heard with our messages, follow
our moral compass for what’s right, look into the nitty gritty details with magnifying glasses. And we look
ahead for what’s to come and constantly improve ourselves, our skills, our craft.


Well... what else? There’s more to discover, and I intend to keep going. If you would like to see what I have
done so far or the works I’ve crafted along my journey... keep going!

What's your story?

I'd like to know as well!

Contact me?

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