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Culture embedded in

packaging and branding.




Branding + Packaging Design.


This project aims to elevate the living situation of the Red Dao tribe under Sapana Pro (AirAsia Foundation) by creating a store for their handmade craft. 


The group members for this project are Evelyn Hiew, Lim Hui Yin, Tan Chiew Li, and Hoon (Me). My role in this project was the group leader and my tasks were being responsible for the branding, crafting (packaging) and copywriting. The project requires understanding the Red Dao culture. To create a packaging that is sustainable and cost-efficient, while spreading the stories and culture of the Red Dao tribe.


Share the Love.
Everything is better and warmer when
you’re able to share it with your loved ones.
The concept of sharing is embodied in every
product designed, along with a packaging
and an identity that spreads nothing but love
and compassion.

Packaging Concept.

Each packaging has its own illustration to
communicate the sharing and warmth that every single one of our product has. From blankets to
pillows and picnic mats, we have illustrated them
with the aid of die-cut windows to allow people
to see what they’re getting. Along with a handle
that acts as a seal to the packaging, it’s easy and
catered for on-the-go tourists.


Top: The Red Dao tribe women knit whenever they have free time. It is part of their culture to pass down their embroidery knowledge from generation to generation.

Bottom: Every meal in the family of the Red Dao tribe is eaten together. They prepare the meal as well as gather resources for each meal.

Customers will be given a paper bag if they purchase more than two products.


The website has two purposes: educating people about the Red Dao culture as well as sell the products to gain more income for the Red Dao tribe. One of the issues they were facing was that they wouldn’t be able to increase sales as tourism proved to be stagnant. With an online website, people from all over the world could get a piece of the Red Dao tribe with them.

As the Red Dao tribe is rich with culture, the website could be a direct source for people to understand their culture and keep their culture alive by purchasing the products.


Handkerchiefs with messages embroidered on them are to be sold in pairs, specifically to give to your loved ones. The motif used represents a parent and a child. Putting the two together completes the image.

For those who are travelling, they can send some love back home to those who care about them the most.

The postcard is slot in between the magazine spread (this magazine will be on the flight). When postcards are removed, people are able to read
on a little write up on the Red Dao people and our brand. (Travel 360 is

a magazine available on every

AirAsia flight).

Share the love,

share the warmth.

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